Modern Japanese Townhouse Design by UID Architects

narrow web site home architecture design idea

Modern Japanese townhouse built on little place inside the center from the metropolis. a few meters width and 17 meters lengthy flanked by houses on east and west aspect.

So, how a inside of this contemporary Japanese townhouse get its healthy mild and winds? A creative home architecture achieved. Inner back garden with atrium and special roofing parts manner way of thinking turn out to be method for get light and winds for improved and at ease located living space inside midsection of occupied urban center.

modern japanese townhouse creative home architecture
exposed steel-structure terrace modern japanese townhouse
out of doors frontcourtyard modern japanese townhouse architecture
hanging structure sheltered front-terrace city house
innergarden atrium view-from bathroom japanese townhouse
soil floor innergarden modern japanese townhouse interior

This modern Japanese townhouse has two-storey floors. Inner garden situated in middle of floor floor, which also develop into atrium and linked with staircase to upstairs. The unique roofing portions formed in the form of podium give interesting illumination. Another interesting section of this narrow site house is a floating structure in the front of house.

The floating structure grow to be roofing of terrace heading towards ground floor, and grow to be out of doors courtyard terrace for upstairs. Detailed steel structure of this modern Japanese townhouse exposed in particular area, including outdoor courtyard terrace that also become roofing of front terrace. Designed by UID Architects.

inner garden staircase modern japanese house interior-plan
view-from upstairs modern japanese townhouse interior
unique-roof podium-shaped modern japanese townhouse idea
dining area interior modern japanese townhouse design
interesting illumination unique-roof openings house design
view-from kitchen innovative interior-plot house
single-family townhouse innovative interior
unique-roof-openings modern japanese townhouse design

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