Modular Pendant Light Design by Swedish Studio

Shield or Modular Pendant Light shield modular pendant light

Designed by Swedish studio “Form us with love” like a voluminous illumination shield in addition to a modular LED pendant light, ‘Hood’ – the sheltering lamp for Atelje Lyktan explains a modern-day spatial concern.

Shield or Modular Pendant Light modular pendant light

The article accommodates the essential need of absorbing the aim of concentrating an illumination source onto secluded parts like work, conference or dining platforms.

At a similar time, the three-piece modular function lets people adapt to any spatial prerequisites by making it possible for them to conceive any desired volume. Starting with basic corner units, a can create the compressed industrial felt sheets to range the pendant for an wide-ranging ambient variety.

Shield or Modular Pendant Light hood3

Shield or Modular Pendant Light hood2

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