Morocco Surreal House Design

Fobe House 11 architecture

Located in Marrakesh, Morocco, the Fobe House is actually four buildings on property owned with a Belgium movie producer that includes the private residence, guard house, combine house, and also the flea market. Designed by the stark white structures are quite a contrast against the desert landscape they sit down on.

The most deeply surreal composition rises within the deserts of Morocco, around Marrakesh: the residence of your Belgian film director.

Fobe House 10 architecture

Its entry is through a doorway hidden regarding the 2nd of two “sails”

Fobe House 1b architecture

Hidden between the earliest with the “sails” around the access along in conjunction with the broadest back in the extremely narrow building, can often be considered a staircase about the roof.

Fobe House 4b architecture

Many people in Morocco sleep within the roof through the hot season. The view in the distant Atlas Mountains is obscured within a heat veil that hides the mountains for much for the year, making for the flat dusty and featureless horizon.

Fobe House 1 architecture

The widest facade, on the opposite side from your exceedingly narrow house connects to an similarly long and narrow pool.

plan architecture

(The bottom right nook shows the staggered “sails” guarding the entrance on the building.)

Fobe House 1a architecture

A bedroom occupies one another side from the perforated wall behind the entrance “sail.”

Fobe House 2 architecture

At the opposite closing stages from the entrance is another bedroom with bathroom. (It is difficult to find out a kitchen’s on the plan.)

Fobe House 6a architecture

It looks out with a little courtyard. Trees are planned for that grounds, that are very much larger than your home.

Fobe House15 architecture

The pool along at the prominent with the narrow dwelling can be an absolute relief in Morocco’s dry and relentless heat beating down on the sunbaked clays.

Fobe House 7 architecture

Walking back in to home, this may be the intriguingly peculiar view you should encounter towards the end in the corridor leading from the pool to inside.

Fobe House architecture

Dotted regarding the grounds are some stray tall odds and concludes and mysterious outbuildings, which include a so-called “guard house.”

Fobe House 8 architecture

Here could be the view from certainly certainly one of those beautiful but strange outbuildings assembled by architect Guilhem Eustache.

Fobe House 6 architecture

A mirage like structure floats above the end in the pool.

Fobe House 9 architecture

Seen from in the house, it obscures the pool-house beyond. Is that its purpose?

Fobe House 15 architecture

The mirage turns out to get a mysterious “stairs to nowhere” – one of many surrealistic aspects of the house. An altogether odd, intriguing house, with its associated garden structures.

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