Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker


While Mr Sinatra was singing inside bad weather, you and I and all who will be likely to setup Moxie are most possibly destined that they are happily singing in… the bath. Sounds just like a cliche?

Well, you will discover very lots of men and women on the market who appreciate singing though they shower, there’s no doubt about that. But who have a showerhead that incorporates a wireless speaker all in one? Yes, you heard properly. A shower mind and wireless speaker is what Moxie is, available at Kohler.

It promises to turn our shower time into 100% “our time”, permitting us to tune to our favourite music, adjusting to our moods and needs. Sometimes chilling, occasionally energizing, some others probably listening towards the news before heading carry on. Whichever our choice, Moxie can provide music and sound for to as much as 7 hours by pairing wirelessly to our device allowed via bluetooth technology.



Concerning its other features, one can expect the excellent and functionality offered by all Kohler items. Such like a sprayface boasting 60 angled nozzles that produce the whole enveloping spray. Not to overlook the truth that protecting water, Moxie is available having a water saving 2.0 gpm or possibly a 2.5 gpm spray, which though will not likely reduce on performance in any respect.

Saving while enjoying is really a terrific combination. Add to how the silicone from which the shower head is made to be able to wipe away easily those often dreadful minerals, and you simply’ve a good huge quality product while using quirkiest accessory, that of the wireless speaker.


Using it’s excellent effortless. Docking firmly into place, the magnetic speaker pops in and out with the shower head for easy recharging from the built-in lithium-ion battery, while a USB cable is included. All nicely thought shut off, don’t you’re thinking that?

I don’t know about you, but singing will not be regarded one among my talents, so I – as well as those living with me! – shall be so relieved when my voice can the truth is be blanketed by that on the particular singer. And most off all, getting a rain shower early each day listening to my favorite tunes will just produce a day’s beginning a whole number better.


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