Mythical Argo Museum Design by Tense Architecture Network


The mythical Argo in a Museum: a defined space, easy but concise, distinct but symbolic, intelligible but mystagogical, the place the mythical ship constitutes the center of attention, the major exhibit, the level of reference.

The proposal is born by thinking about Argo the composition’s beginning point –via 3 moves: The ship is embraced by its suitable form, this primary form will get ruptured, the hull tears it in two, the two components slide, Argo tra-verses the Museum. At the exact same time it lies inside of it.


The Museum is born by and will get traversed by the ship, the two bisected parts now lie immobile, over the water, as Clenching Rocks.

The diagonal composition of two curved components that are torn apart but are also kept collectively by the principal exhibit, is a double gesture: its which means derives firstly by the all-natural relation to the ship itself and secondly through the correlation to the surrounding area: the sharp edge of the museum approaches the Park and comes up dynamically to the avenue, ascribing a landmark character to the building.


From a distance, 1 may perceive the mythical ship either peeking out of a semi-transparent metal curtain or coming out completely unveiled, mirrored on the reflecting water, cost-free, precious, special.


Location: city of Volos, Greece
Architect: Tense Architecture Network
Project Crew: Tilemachos Andrianopoulos, Thanos Bampanelos, Kostas Mavros, George Kostoglou, Antigoni Tsivanidou
Structural Design: Athanassios Kontizas
Engineering: Spiros Arvanitis

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