Neil Barrett ‘Shop in Shop’ Interior Design by Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid Architects have designed the Neil Barrett ‘Shop in Shops’ in Seoul and Hong Kong. The ‘Shop in Shop’ strategy for Neil Barrett is depending on the singular, cohesive venture that’s broken down into sixteen independent portions.

Specific portions have then been selected and set up into all the 4 Neil Barrett ‘Shop in Shop’s in Seoul, as well as to the Hong Kong shop; making an authentic exhibit landscape within every single store. Each separate element operates a as item in the puzzle in the initial ensemble, ensuring every shop maintains a relationship towards the defined total and with all one other Neil Barrett Shop in Shop areas.


The items are actually carved and moulded with the first sturdy as pairs that determine oneself to produce an artificial landscape that unfolds various layers for exhibit. The beginning methods engage identical style principles adopted to make the Neil Barrett Flagship Store in Tokyo; the characteristic peeling, twisting and folding of areas have been extended to integrate double-curvatures and rotations.


The screen landscape is usually a flexible modular system that enables multiple arrangements and adaptations established on certain locations and multiple conditions, producing an primary space at every location. The pieces may be employed individually or in conjunction with others on the variety geared to the differing range and spaces of every shop, with every single part in a position to display shoes, totes or tools.


The Shop in Shop strategy proceeds the geometries from the Tokyo Flagship Store, developing a dialogue between the Cartesian language in the current envelope walls with all the sculptural, clean end of every bit. This contrast of elements in combination using the proper language on the design performs with these visible and tactile characteristics and it is even more accentuated with the black polished flooring.


Zaha Hadid Architects and Neil Barrett are carrying on with their collaboration on further Shop in Shop concepts to wide open in Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul.



Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
Photography: Virgile Simon Bertrand

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