Netframe Sofa and Chair Furniture Design by Cate & Nelson for OFFECCT


Designers Cate & Nelson have created the Netframe sofa and effortless chair for OFFECCT. Netframe is usually a sofa and a fairly easy chair designed with the develop duo Cate & Nelson. Cate & Nelson’s idea behind Netframe was to create a chunk of pieces of furniture that consumes as minor materials as you can while maintaining an encouraging enjoyment.

“In obtain to advance with this particular difficulty we needed to turn everything upside down within the advancement procedure. We sought it to get easy to produce with small time and fabric usage”, states Nelson Ruiz-Acal, one half of Cate & Nelson.


Netframe was produced right into an exceptionally comfortable part of furniture with incredibly low effect about the setting. Cate & Nelson understand it truly is necessary to work out the wholeness of their design, how the merchandise is responsible in anyway stages; from construction to usage, that’s incredibly apparent inside their design of Netframe.


Designers: Cate & Nelson
Manufacturer: OFFECCT

Photography – Frederik Lieberath and Thomas Harrysson AB

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