Nippon Glove Compartment Furniture Design by Alberto Nason

Alberto Nason | Nippon

Nippon is a’”glove compartment”, a element of furniture are capable of metamorphose itself inside of digital and e-book span. Sprang belonging for the theory of realizing a bookcase, Nippon evolves determined by the needs of space, getting a display for the exhibition of pots and clothing, a place for the safe-keeping of thing and accessories.

Alberto Nason | Nippon

The modulation with all the compartments as well as the distinct depths invites you to definitely definitely find out the top right situation for every little thing. Nippon is guaranteed as a consequence of your lazer beam lowering of material sheets, presented together by your combined method that causes it to become solid, but soft throughout the artwork.

The combined on the net modules allows the decoration of walls, even long walls, without having acquiring understanding any point of break.

Designer: Alberto Nason
Project name: Nippon
Finishings: Natural black sheet, acide-etched iron, acide-etche brass, Cor-ten
Dimensions: 97 x 45 x h 17 cm

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