Old Farm House Restoration Project

old farm house restoration design idea

What on earth do you are doing should the thing is that abandoned rather good good old farm home with lovely look at? My advice: decide to buy it and bring back it to it’s originally, but when you’ve stretched budget, InvisibleArchitects old farm residence restoration task it’s possible come to be an enthusiasm. The restoration of this incredible old farm house objective is usually to modernize, but protect simple to protect non-urban model house, and certainly speak to the regulation.

old farm house extension rural style architecture

L-shaped layout vernacular style farm house refurbishment
lamellar structure larch wood cladding exterior
kitchen-dining area modest interior rural house

The stone constructions that nevertheless appear to be only re-organized. Parts of making elements of new located area extension produced from salvaged demolished barns. The new extension incorporates a lamellar structure in larch wood cladding exterior. The cladding carry modest style and suited to preserve rural style house.

The extension of this old farm house restoration challenge built in L-shaped constructing layout to have benefit of amazing rural panorama. The interior design also modest. Exposed concrete floor everywhere, which include built-in benches, and kitchenette. Interior photograph by Damian Russell.

farm house interior extension modest style design
built-in kitchennette exposed concrete structure
built-in benches concrete construction interior
exposed concrete interior vernacular house extension

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