Pangea Sconces Light Design by Hudson Furnishings


The magnificent light fixture, Pangea Sconce, very tastefully designed by Barlas Baylar for Hudson Furniture, can easily be mistaken for a piece of jewellery at the initial glance. Barlas Baylar, a renowned New York City furnishings designer and a connoisseur of minimalist creating, brings organic aspects to contemporary aesthetics by his creativity.

Measuring 28”H x 17”W, Pangea sconces by Hudson Furnishings forms an exciting piece of wall lighting with its adept sculptural aesthetics. The chrome plated lighting fixture discreetly lets out light from its bracelet like form, lending itself more to the function of accent lighting than standard lighting.

Utilizing the wall as a support the Pangea sconces throws muted light in all instructions lending a calm relaxing ambience to the room. Pangea sconces plays a substantial part in energy cost savings as it dispenses only the essential amount of luminance in the provided spot with no possessing to light up the total area.

The ingenious layout of the stunning Pangea Sconce light fixture can make it very easily slip into the footwear of a wall art, immaculately creating up for one.


The Pangea Sconce lighting can give a nice touch in accentuating an region, with the greatest aesthetic benefit becoming derived when utilized for living, dining and bedrooms. You can even use the Pangea Wall Sconce to emphasize an art piece you want to flaunt or use it as an artwork piece itself.

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