Patchwork Wood Block Floor Design Ideas

For Japanese studio 403architecture, the outcome to some simple and rustic flooring built from reclaimed materials was proper previously mentioned their heads. The organisation used timber stripped with the threshold to some Hamamatsu house to make a quirky unvarnished fire wood block ground which includes been sanded smooth just as one alternate to a tatami mat.

A false ceiling was taken off to incorporate additional height, bequeathing the concrete and ductwork exposed to get a modern, industrial consequence. Rather than wasting the wood that’s stripped away because of this project, the architecture firm cut it into portions of different sizes and assembled them for use as flooring.

While the pieces don’t very match perfectly together, they’ve been power-sanded to build a relatively flat, smooth working surface that nevertheless features a little bit of texture to it. The woods were of various ages, leaving some lighter and some deeper in color.

The result is really a very insulated floor with superior soundproofing that’s also tolerant to warping, however this indicates like keeping the cracks free of dust and debris could often be a challenging proposition. Using the wood using this method definitely made renovation easier for 403architecture, who explain, “In this project, we connected destruction and construction directly, by falling the ceiling towards the floor.”

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