Pavilion Siegen Design Ideas


Weekend retreats will continually be an excellent opportunity to embrace innovative solutions in architecture… A smaller system generally stands because key intent pertaining to this ok possibility to attain beauty and comfort. Pavilion Seigen works being a weekend angling retreat that hangs quietly for several edge of your lake in Siegen, Germany.

No bedrooms, no kitchen, no residing or eating room, only a position conceived completely for angling activities. Kind of unusual, don’t you come to an agreement? But let’s get in touch with this particular modest temple that generally be floating for several lake.

The making is composed with a cantilevered base and roofing (made in exposed concrete) that prolong 6 meters across the surface belonging to the lake, making a sheltered terrace where the seller can setup his fishing products.


The program is quite simple: a flea market room, a storage room including a tiny toilet are disposed from the single flooring prepare.

However, the level of this current pavilion reveals an classic strategy towards the relation between architecture and its surroundings: though glazed openings overlook the normal water with the the front on the building, large square panels fold away from the back facade, revealing the garage space which includes a surprising area are able of storing a couple of autos!



Concrete walls and threshold have been built in-situ offering a mineral presence on the construction…in such the way in which that your lake generally be 100 % undisturbed by its presence. In fact, a discrete reflection of Pavilion Siegen is softly revealed because of the water, proving nature’s approval to a further fine example of exquisite architecture!



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