Philips DesignLine TV


If most style and design trends didn’t already help it become clear, our long run is chiseled. Not boring, that is, but flush, full of industrially developed goods admiring the pointed rectangle and smoothness with the untouched working surface of your lake.

The new DesignLine TV from Philips is often a companion to the present flatly intended future. Consisting of the single sheet of goblet, when turned off, the DesignLine looks additional just like a spotless window than a television. Because of its seamless form, the DesignLine could be arranged just about everywhere in a very very room and seem appealing.

Wouldn’t it be described as a fun surprise, too, for the good friend to go walking through a room, question you why you’ve got a huge piece of glass leaning about the wall, after which it remain returning stunned because they watch you turn it on to display vibrant HD and effective 3D picture?


Like all current TVs, (or should we start contacting them TVComputers now), the DesignLine attributes Wi-Fi connectivity, bringing your on-line everyday living to display on this amazing pane of clear glass.

For fans of minimalism and clean up design, the DesignLine is really a superb feature. Like a glass tower in a city, the DesignLine usually disappear right up until the watching begins.

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