Photovoltaic-integrated Thermoplastic Roofing Design

photovoltaic-integrated thermoplastic roof building materials

Need polycarbonate cosmetic roofing panels to your canopy, free of charge position roof, atrium roof, veranda, carports, skylights, and even wall cladding and glazing? Try this photovoltaic-integrated thermoplastic roofing, known as as Lexan™ BIPV (Building-integrated photovoltaic) panels.

Beside its light-weight and adaptable form, and as well has thermo insulation function, this photovoltaic-integrated thermoplastic roofing can create electrical energy strength from solar with its photovoltaic sheets. This photovoltaic-integrated thermoplastic roofing easily obtainable in numerous colors, structures, and configuration. Manufactured by Sabic.

solar-integrated polycarbonate plastic roofing panels
wall glazing thermolastic solar panels

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