Pilar Vidal Tenerife Design by vicente vidal estudio

vicente vidal estudio | Pilar Vidal Tenerife

Interior architecture task and community-wide company image style to make the ultra-modern traveling retailers that will disperse the trendy signatures “pilar vidal” and “modenina” in exclusivity in time period of franchisees.

The famous trendy custom made pilar vidal, martial art officer during the company, has honest us this ambitious task that tries to transmit the peculiar imaginative and prescient eyesight of each signatures “pilar vidal” and “modenina”, the two in the previously mentioned stated custom made.

vicente vidal estudio | Pilar Vidal Tenerife

vicente vidal estudio | Pilar Vidal Tenerife

With a good expertise with this particular field, countrywide and intercontinental recognitions, participations interior key contests and incidents from the sector, in 2006, pilar vidal decides to set-up the signature that can take her identify. Pilar vidal is motivated through the light, the colouring as well as the breeze on the mediterranean sea.

She travels all around plenty of time for you to provide us an additional vision on the femenine “pret a pòrter” that would not move indifferently. From her atelier in her hometown, vinaròs (castellón-spain), the signature currently exports to portugal, united kingdom, italy and ireland apart from currently being existing in multimarks outlets in the popular the spanish language hotspots. She has conceived an living area developed for an extremely feminine woman, experienced but youthful heart, that so desire transmit selfconfidence by her dressing way.

vicente vidal estudio | Pilar Vidal Tenerife

vicente vidal estudio | Pilar Vidal Tenerife

This stands out as the principle cause she desires to request and bring purchasers to obtain inside this space to get immersed in the fantastic dreamed dressing room, as when they ended up in house, a dressing room that transmit a world of dreams, fantasy and delight where by by the amusement plus the enjoyment are possible… The product could have been conceived that they are designed in spaces of various dimensions, locations, environments … it will eventually never move indifferently to anybody. ..colorings bright white-colored and fuchsia, representatives on the brands, the “theatrical” forms , with rounded singings that advise sinuous, soft, feminine styles …

vicente vidal estudio | Pilar Vidal Tenerife

With textures in polyskin like white “capitone”, vinyl gained included pavements in fuchsia, fitting rooms with good mirrors who’s reminds the designer dressing rooms. A quite sensitive illumination with decorative things allows a soft, envolving and ‘retro” atmosphere.

It could be the 2nd undertaking of collab with this signature considering that in 2006, we have been signing the undertaking from the showroom “l’atelier” in vinaros (castellon-spain) from where the designer performs with all her company. We have experimented with to assist the spirit of that really first task also it to adapt to your type which has have a wonderful reception.

From an individual place of view, vicente vidal creates an physical exercise of abstraction, a issue which has an exceptionally unique and charismatic speaker with a lot of persona. And especially, the fulfillment of owning expired while using the espectatives with the client, who towards the stop on the item, is by what it treats himself, offers being a good intermediary.

Location: Spain
Architect: vicente vidal estudio
Collaborator: Pilar Martinez de Lera- architect
Art direction: Pilar Vidal
International get better at franchised Pilar Vidal: Eugenio del Pueblo
Teovaldo power/ crossing: Perez Galdos
Franchised representative tenerife: Ana Fernandez
Photography: Sepia Estudio
Pavement: bolon, collection “now”, design “pink” w
Technical lighting: arkoslight
Central lamp: style “sphere” from “vistosi”, design: Giovanni Barbato
Carpentry: futper
Glassware: cristaleri-a campos villalba, s.l.
Curtains: tecnicor 2011
Work execution: Roberto Carlos Palomo Alvarez

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