Plantable Light Fixture Design by Ryan Taylor

unique plantable light-weight fixture hanging lamp

There are great number of way in making your inside has lively environment friendly accent, for instance produce a green wall. What in case you’ve your individual hanging garden indoors your house, like hanging garden of Babylon, but with its mini type? Introducing Babylon light: a plantable light fixture.

With this plantable light fixture, it is possible to grow your herbs, spices, or maybe blossoms on stay lamp. This impressive hanging light really ideal for kitchen area interior, it is possible to grow herbs/spices on it, then harvest herbs/spices turn into cooking formula components.

This plantable light fixture have an original circled engineering with hole inside second for lamp. The development made out of aluminum having a powder coated finish. This innovative lamp design and style designed by Ryan Taylor and recommended by Victoria Taylor.

unique lamp design multifunction purpose idea
innovative hanging live-light illumination design
grow your herbs on-live lamp kitchen elements
creative furniture plantable light fixture
hanging mini garden multifunction device interior element

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