Portuguese Home Renovation Colors Ideas


The beautiful bones of this home ended up covered in white to make a canvas for modern pops of shade. The partitions, dramatic threshold planes, and also the ornate ceiling detail use a flat white coat.

Wood plank surfaces unify, anchor, and total warmth towards the living space. Traditional transoms, angular doors, and sultry curves all work as a possible interesting back drop to make the daring geometry and color choices.

The access greets you that has a bright natural wardrobe. A floating staircase pops out on the ground and brushes the wall. There are few edges while on the inside blue library, which generally get suspended. Want a view external? Step approximately somewhat of a funky burgundy built-in bench.



Inside the bedroom rests similar pod as in the library, now for the reason that mattress enclosure. Only now it’s all in white and floating through a loaded wood ground. Raspberry red kitchen cabinets whet your appetite because they float over a speckled tile floor. You’ll discover the bathroom in the red cube.




I love how corners are rounded and their meeting with perpendicular walls and floors is recessed. This occurs vertically and horizontally and emphasizes the colored elements. This home’s apparent simplicity is actually a well-orchestrated and painstakingly detailed triumph of subtlety and daring.



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