Reading Chair Design with Built-In Book & Magazine Shelves

Hybrid bookshelf chairs are nothing new, but a lot of are produced to narrowly accommodate only a limited size or appearance of reading selection – which is where this just one particular units once more apart.

Its multiple open shelving places will fit a number of book sizes, for the one side, and for the other: a flexible magazine-hanging living area in the same way accommodates a number of shapes and sizes.

The chair itself is planned to both facilitate quiet reading and social interactivity: “It can be a comfy reading room for all those looking a quieter moment, while also a presenting for books and newspapers of any size and shape. At once the chair was for being open, exposing the consumer to other people around the living living space allowing for serendipitous interaction.”

About its creators: “TILT have formulated a collaborative develop methodology that actively engages the users from a space in all stages in the design process within the first briefing towards the particular doing in the space. The process encourages users to explore the purpose of objects, furniture and design inside their space, and its effect on their self culture and behavior.”

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