Recycled Furniture Design by Maria Constanza Nunez and Gabriel Pires Mateus

There are specific items which quickly bring to intellect specific metropolitan areas – for Buenos Aires, the wooden roller blinds on house and businesses might just be those objects. They are easy but recognizable, ubiquitous and regularly removed with out the moment believed.

Argentinian architects Maria Constanza Nuñez and Gabriel Pires Mateus, collectively referred to as Gruba, have made a collection of recycled furniture from these wooden roller blinds which is uniquely Buenos Aires.

The salvaged shreds and items are refinished to produce advanced furniture that appears to be like nothing at all like it turned out as soon as dumped. The roller blind slats are joined collectively with simple wooden frames into chairs, loungers and coffee tables which have been surprisingly tasteful.

Veering aside from your wooden slats but remaining in sections with their natural vision, Gruba also created this amusing – and possibly incredibly secure – stool named Banquito Willy. It includes an engineered wooden style that is certainly used collectively devoid of nails or glue, including a chair of recycled tennis balls.

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