Rieteiland Oost Residence Design by diederendirrix


diederendirrix have developed the Rieteiland Oost Residence in Amsterdam. Rieteiland Oost in IJburg can be an island in Amsterdam with various detached houses, the majority of which border against the IJ about the rear and therefore are closed in in the entry having a collective courtyard. This residence unwraps onto the IJ with a check out since the Diemerzeedijk.


Maximum use is built from this wide amenable view by raising the existing area towards the bell levels and putting the garaging, collectively while using front access and workroom, around the subterranean grade. By so doing, the living level stays distinct and uncomplicated. On the southwest side, a large veranda facing the drinking water extends covering the comprehensive time-span with your home and acts to be a hyperlink in between the living area and garden.


The bedrooms on the premium ground like an open view. The ceilings that go in the inside of on the outside and style a canopy to make the residence are striking. The brickwork from the external facades is made up of clear orange bricks laid in varying companies. A lively display of light and shadow is produced by exposing the entire structure and uncut sides with the bricks.


Architects: diederendirrix

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