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Row home architecture is normally discovered in densely populated places of urban places. In these locations, the spaces are normally limited. The row property refers to a row of a lot of homes in line. These houses are normally made for becoming close to the neighbors.

If we keep in mind the traditional sitcom on Tv “Full House”, we will see the row homes. The houses of row residence are usually attached on other houses. These row homes are constructed for some factors, especially above the troubles of limited spaces.

There are some important aspects of the row residence architecture. One particular of them is that the row residence generally has two stories. Some row homes have two floors.

The bottom floor is typically used for organization, this kind of as home office or grocery store. Then, the second floor is employed to live the household members. The row homes generally have classic layout. Just like other houses, the residing space is placed at front. Then, it is followed by a dining room. The kitchen is positioned in the back. The bedrooms are generally constructed on the second floor collectively with a partial or full basement. The hallway is generally lying on the row house’s side.

It is completed with the stairway which leads up to the greater floor. Yet, the row residence normally does not have any yards, considering that the room is restricted.

There are some examples of row home architecture we can use as references. A single of them is Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia. The alley of this place is full of row homes. The special of this place is the houses are diverse though they are developed collectively.

Other examples of row homes are these in Beacon Hill and flushing in New York. People neighborhoods in Beacon Hill are affluent of row homes in Boston. Then, the flushing is row houses in the serial of “Full House”.

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