Sao Paulo Maracana House Design by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados

In general, we are able easily to count on specific things from properties – things like inside walls and exterior yards. The Maracana House in Sao Paulo, Brazil – intended by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados – benefits an original inside-out design with an interior that seems a lot more like an exterior.

The property features an interior balcony that seems out covering the wide open design from the soil grade. As you ascend within the place stage up, chain-link fencing provides a physical, although not really a visual, barrier. This different option of material lends towards feeling of currently being outdoor.

But even throughout the open ground program along with the chain-link fencing, the components that make the interior from the house feel like being in the outdoors will be the open bricks and several plants.

An atrium occupies one particular corner in the ground floor, highlighting the woods as well as other greenery growing according to the cozy Brazilian sun. Trailing vines may be determined in several rankings across the interior, producing the home appear for a garden.

The entire top wall on the home is really a sliding glass wall which parts approximately the road. Just outside, a hammock and lounging area give the residents a spot to sit again and enjoy their remarkable inside-out home.

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