Schwarzes Gold Lamp Design by Ingo Schuppler


German custom made Ingo Schuppler has created Schwarzes Gold, a lamp manufactured making use of FSC-certified charcoal and copper.

One fabric, 1 type – one story. To me, an item shouldn’t attract attention through overloaded develop and style. Instead, it’s regarding the concept – the idea – coupled with brilliant develop, which aids provide the merchandise into existence. The item’s final design needs to be about elaborating things extra seriously and understanding everything all around us better. In short, it’s about developing a greater future.

An illustration of this could be the merchandise improvement of “Schwarzes Gold:”

“Schwarzes Gold” won’t begin with its material niether end with its form. The lamp really would like to bring brightness in towards the darkness by making people imagine. Its story is all about duty, conviction, and environmentally friendly design.


Today lamps with energy-saving soft bulbs are titled as “Eco-friendly.” For granted, saving energy can be a important principle for sustainable design, but it really truly is only a fraction on the entire. In some time characterized by vanishing healthy resources, climate change, and toxic waste, the Eco-friendliness from the lamp depends upon a lot more than just its light bulb. The materials employed, the production process, the packaging, and its disposal has to be considered.

As a designer of the future, it truly is my accountability to take note of many of those aspects. This is why “Schwarzes Gold” transforms words and phrases into action and phone calls for shifting to whole-system thinking in the industry, economy, and customers.


Material & Production:
During the material variety for “Schwarzes Gold,” much consideration was offered to the materials’ simpleness and their compatibility with nature. The black lampshade is made beyond 100% natural materials. The binding agent consisting of flour and waters is mixed with FSC-certified charcoal.


Next, the fluid substance is poured to the form and baked for the couple of hours at low temperature, which keeps the ecological footprint of “Schwarzes Gold” low. During the baking process, the copper form is baked in to the black charcoal mix, which creates a sound bond between both factors.

After the baking process, the now firm and non-staining material is removed from its mold by hand. The pressed copper sheet serves like a reflector for that energy-efficient LED-bulb and allows the light an inviting cozy reflection.


Even though the burning of coal emits climate-warming and polluting greenhouse gases, to the present day, this fossil gasoline continues to be currently Germany’s primary energy source. Given this problematic issue, the used charcoal will not be burned, but its application was deliberately not foregone. The lamp’s thought-provoking deep black coal material needs to remind customers that it also carry a responsibility.

When thinking about “Schwarzes Gold,” consumers are reminded to also look at where their electricity is actually coming from, since this really is a further important a component of the lamp. When “Schwarzes Gold” reaches the end of its life span, the charcoal material can certainly be dissolved in water. Thus, the 100% biodegradable organic and natural material is given back to nature plus the remainder might be recycled individually.


The modern but timeless design of “Schwarzes Gold” demonstrates my philosophy of sustainable design. For timeless design obtains long-term consumer acceptance, which minimizes future marketplace assimilations and also connected development and resource expenditures.


Even “Schwarzes Gold’s” final form promotes sustainable practices in industry and community. Its black coal lampshade plus the vaulted bell-shaped lamp complement one another; and together they symbolize the difficulties of our time for you to develop a sustainable society.

“Schwarzes Gold” rings through an era of rethinking and change.




Designer: Ingo Schuppler

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