Shelter Island House Design by Stamberg Aferiat + Associates


Architects Stamberg Aferiat + Associates have developed the Shelter Island House in New York. Let the collection that divides craft from architecture be clear. This challenge gifted us an chance to carry our influences, inspirations, aspirations and a long time of architectural pattern to put up with in 1 particular place with only ourselves and our spending plan to determine the restrictions.


Cubists seen over and above the physical see of that the eyesight sees and able to earn an income the brain’s ability to consider and anticipate, making it possible for just one to consider inside of a seemingly disjointed array of phenomena but even now develop an entire make perceive.

The improving plasticity of lightweight developing products permits us a lot on the Cubists’ slight-of-hand to simultaneously evoke the immediacies of built sort in addition to architectural dream states – the hovering roof, translucencies among inside and outside, and surfaces that aren’t walls.


Practice that which you preach: Architecture coupled with design can get enjoyment when offering the standard necessities. Building our unique house hold gifted us the leeway being as daring with this colour decisions since the job would allow for in order to thrust boundaries that number of dare, but our choices were constantly based in critical design idea.


Sir Isaac Newton noticed the distinct conduct of coloration created with pigment and shade created with gentle. The Impressionists and Fauves experimented with Newtonian key facts to make mild results with pigment. These findings have redefined views on how shades connect with one yet another. Guided by Newtonian coloration theory, the intense palette from home allows richly-colored reflected brightness to cross by translucent walls, suffusing spaces having a delighting glow.






Architects: Stamberg Aferiat + Associates
Photographs: Paul Warchol

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