Small Handmade Wooden Camping Trailer

Terrapin Camping Trailer 1

Who would want to tow a large plastic factory-produced camper close to when they could have a charming hand-crafted small property? The Terrapin by Informal Turtle Campers is a compact and relaxed location to camp with a style inspired by the small trailers of the 1950s and ’60s.

Terrapin Camping Trailer 2

Terrapin Camping Trailer 3

Mounted to a 5′x8′ trailer frame and weighing in at 1,360 pounds, the Terrapin is moveable adequate to go nearly anywhere but spacious sufficient for a dinette that transforms into a double memory foam bed so it’s comfy for the two sitting and sleeping.

Terrapin Camping Trailer 4

Terrapin Camping Trailer 6

5 windows, electrical power outlets, a storage chest and a small counter give it a homey really feel that’s often missing in standard camper trailers. The windows let in lots of normal light and fresh air so you can consider in the sights, sounds and smells of your picked surroundings.

Terrapin Camping Trailer 5

Featuring totally-insulated floors, roof and walls, the Terrapin won’t get too scorching or cold with temperature fluctuations, and clever LED crown molding lighting provides illumination at night with out making use of up as well significantly energy.

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