Sonvico House Design in Swiss


A concrete container volume rests over two concrete cylinders at just one side and also a slope within the other…One might say that architecture is undoubtedly regarding steadiness and gravity. House in Sonvinco testifies clearly the charismatic level that architecture can attain when beliefs like they’re put to exercise.

Artificial and pure essentials are gathered from only one energy to change a typical inhabitable experience right right into a built architectural poem. Join us as we explore this modern day Swiss house full of simplicity.

This one floor house features a straightforward design with straight lines and big windows. A discussed terrace – that also functions being a discussed parking place – welcomes us to enter: only a wooden door punctuates this first facade clad in grey ceramic tile.



The household system is very carefully disposed all-around an inside patio where a concrete staircase invites inhabitants to consider a dive into a smaller swimming pool and enjoy a tepid sunny day.

The geometry on the floor plan is brilliantly organized inside a structural square module: three on the square corners are reserved for bedrooms and also a final is completed while using your kitchen room connected for the cylinder area by the provider ladder. Living and dining room are placed in diverse square modules, adjacent towards kitchen area. Glazed openings surrounds the inside patio providing natural soft and cross air flow.




Wood plays a vital part with this house: pavements, furniture and windows are designed while using organic top quality of this kind of noble fabric contrasting while using natural concrete structure plus the whitened interior finishing… Once again, artificial and natural elements are carefully tuned for getting the most effective of this architectural performance.





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