South Korea Daegu Library Design by JAJA

library3 architecture

JAJA features a stark and lovely style and pattern and style for just a meaningful public library in Daegu, South Korea that provides timber and audio guides better together.

library2 architecture

The design articulates the sense of your library like a unique repository for fostering of communal imagination and information expressing.

library4 architecture

The architects proposed that bushes while inside adjacent park turn up to ‘overflow’ against the site, by planting taller poplars around the constructing.

library7 architecture

The trees outdoor plus the textbooks within would develop a cohesive knowledge that celebrates their discussed network.

library10 architecture

The library couldn’t be simpler in way of thinking.

library1 architecture

Glass skylights among the surfaces elucidate the structure’s design.

library8 architecture

An different cantilevered sequence of surfaces follows the collection from the solar course.

library12 architecture

The exact forty five level angle of those cantilevered floors let you know it’s really a manmade construct, but the concept conveyed is of providing shelter much like that under a tree canopy.

library5 architecture

This cantilevering is on all sides.

library6 architecture

Inside, taller columns recreate the in the upright position and taller poplars out of.

library9 architecture

Within the densely populated, fast-paced Korean city, the texture of papers books and trees includes a nostalgic and sensuous occurrence.

library11 architecture

The suggestion was granted 3rd reward in the competition.

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