Sultangazi Market Hall & Car Park Design by Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects

Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects

The Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects-designed Market Hall & Auto Park is proposed for Sultangazi, Istanbul, a building neighbourhood inside the scope of urban regeneration.

The site is surrounded by dense residential blocks and it is owned by the municipality. The proposed design contains a short-term marketplace area that will operate as a car park when there is no industry exercise with a closed 2,000 sq m structure accommodating social, educational and administration functions.

Marketplaces are commonplace across Turkey with markets taking area on particular days and stallholders moving between designated spaces all through the week. When the stalls are gone, as an alternative of leaving this area empty, neighborhood municipalities usually operate these marketplaces as car parks or venues for social routines, such as workshops and exhibitions, hence yielding practical sustainability.

Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects

The density of the constructed setting in the close vicinity of the proposed Sultangazi Market Hall & Automobile Park has shaped its design and style. The primary objective of the venture is to maximize accessibility to the area and to produce spaces that can create lively relationships with the street. The creating also incorporates a terraced construction at best level so that consumers can take pleasure in social amenities such as the cafe, green location and observation terrace.

Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects

The building demands controlled entry although becoming utilised as a automobile park. Street-level entrance points limit accessibility to the sought after security level and vehicle ramps inside of the building are set at an incline of 8% for the ease of marketplace end users.

Due to the rapidly and dense improvement of the area, there is a lack of qualified social facilities nearby. Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects aims to alter this situation by integrating a variety of social functions into the Sultangazi Industry Hall & Automobile Park that can serve the local community at all occasions.

The team also intend for this framework to act as an assembly spot for close by residents in the occasion of an earthquake, given that numerous of the buildings inside the vicinity were not developed utilizing earthquake-resistant measures.

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