Sushi Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

romantic japanese style restaurant interior design

What does one imagine about this sushi restaurant interior design? Of course in Japanese style interior, inside this restaurant definitely romantic, come to an agreement? Purple color of wall and furnishing blend with the white kind of and normal firmness of wood genuinely generate cozy environment.

The customized home furniture created particularly because of this restaurant, including integrated induction plates table for shabu-shabu. Main space is wonderfully made for Sushi conveyor belt location blend with open-plan kitchen.

Another room with this sushi restaurant interior design is lounge for further tranquil place. And several seating area between them.You will uncover this sushi restaurant named Zendo in Darmstadt, German. Designed by design-in-architektur.

minimalisy style sushi restaurant interior design
zendo sushi restaurant Darmstadt German
purple-white-wood-tone restaurant interior color combination
main room area japanese style restaurant interior
Sushi conveyor belt area restaurant design
various seating area restaurant interior design
integrated induction plates table for shabu-shabu
japanese detail interior furnishing including lamps
modern stylish restaurant interior design
sushi restaurant interior Japanese minimalist architecture

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