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MakerBot Rewinds With Re-Release of 3D Printed Mixtape

MakerBot Rewinds With Re Release of 3D Printed Mixtape in technology Category

It was two many years in the past when MakerBot previewed the choices of personal 3D printers, delivered in the nostalgic kind of a “press record+play” icon: the mixtape. The MakerBot Mixtape proved not only to be one particular of their very first things and downloadable 3D design and style kits, but also grew to become one of the company’s most popular pre-printed designs.

Taking a cue from the music industries’ propensity for reissues and repackaging albums, the MakerBot Mixtape is being re-released for anyone who missed the restricted 1st run back in 2012 and for those without having their own 3D printer these days.

LIX The 3D Printer Pen

The LIX Is a 3D Printer That Fits In Your Pocket in technology Category

The LIX is created as the smallest 3D printing pen, a Kickstarter concept that M.C. Escher would have undoubtedly appreciated for the pen’s capability to allow customers to break out of the confines of two dimensions.

Think about a 3D printer reduced down to its most bare parts and engineered into a pen shape and you have acquired the LIX. Powered by a USB 3. port connected pen barrel, colored plastic “ink” ABS or PLA filaments are melted with a sizzling-finish nozzle a lot like a glue gun (ABS provides higher strength, flexibility, malleability and increased temperature resistance, although the plant-based mostly PLA filaments are presented in a wider variety of colours and amounts of glossy translucency at the cost of lowered power and versatility).

3D-Printing Pen Ideas

3d printing pen

2D or 3D? Drawing or sculpture? These dichotomies cease working while you build up a actual model utilizing a traditionally two-dimensional technique, tracing traces inside the air conditioning that harden in real time for you to form stuff.

From the creators of 3Doodler, currently doing a Kickstarter campaign: “It’s a pen which could draw while from the air! 3Doodler could be the 3D printing pen you’ll be able to hold as part of your hand. Lift your imagination from the page! 3Doodler will be the world’s first and only 3D Printing Pen.”

3d drawing sculpture examples

Omote 3D Shashinkan by Party

Omote 3D photo booth

Customers heading to a pop-up 3D photo cubicle in Tokyo from future can have house miniature color versions of their selves.