Tinos Island House Design by Kois Linked Architects

Rooftop Infinity Pool 1

Is there water on that rooftop, or is it just a mirage? It’s challenging to inform right up until you technique this hidden home, nestled into the hills of Tinos Island in Greece’s Cyclades archipelago.

Athens-based mostly Kois Linked Architects designed an infinity pool on the flat, cantilevered rooftop of the appropriately named ‘Mirage House’ that looks to blend into the adjacent Aegean Sea.

Rooftop Infinity Pool 3

From ground level, that sparkling water is the only element of the house that’s visible to onlookers, and it is difficult to inform in which it ends and the sea begins. Kois Linked Architects envisioned the house as “an invisible oasis” with all of the interior spaces tucked into the rocks to generate a cavernous really feel.

Modern Apartment Complex Design by IF_Untitled Architecture

living room

A former industrial developing in Greece has been transformed into a modern day apartment complex catering mainly to youthful grownups. The apartments have been created by IF_Untitled Architecture with a contemporary aesthetic that hearkens back to the area’s industrial roots.

Greece Summer House Design

the hotter months-house-greece

An inhabitable pearl for the summer house… In Naxos, Greece there’s a trip residence that easily takes our inhale absent. Carefully positioned around the rocky inclined website that has a magnificent sea view towards the west, Summer House are already built for any family members of some good and their guests which includes a total section of 280sqm.

A sinuous path causes the popular access: a sizable exterior staircase announces the exceptional architectonic solution for this kind of fine topography. In fact, the mass inside the stairway makes an amphitheater effect around the communal terrace with its sea view on the west.

Underwater Antiquities and Regeneration Museum Design by Dn Arch Studio

Dn Arch Studio | Museum for Underwater Antiquities and Regeneration

“Redesign from the SILO right into a Museum for Underwater Antiquities and Regeneration of part from the Piraeus Port Authority Coastal Zone into an open public place for outdoor activities”. The standard challenge through which the challenge must fact is a arrangement in a multifunctional program in a current constructing, so who’s maintains its standard assembly while simultaneously fulfilling the many requirements from this method. Also, it gives answers for the urban arrangement from the section of Cultural Coast of Piraeus depending around the axιs of triple network City-Cultural Coast of Piraeus-Silo Building.

V’ammos Restaurant Design by LM Architects

Vammos Restaurant by LM Architects

Spectators with the stadium of Greek football company Olympiacos can dine overlooking the toss in a restaurant with an undulating threshold including a bar intended out of food preparation pots.