House Architecture

Modern House Architecture Design by Jager Janssen Architects

unusual modern house architecture geometrical-lines design

From the outside, this contemporary home architecture facade seemingly complicated but in supplement flowing active. Subtle indentations of creating and roofing lead sculptural form, total feature for encircling place.

Actually, the geometrical lines irregular-shape of this modern house architecture designed to complete several functions, like maximizing healthy easy inside of this personal household house. Because its irregular-shape facade, plenty healthy sunlight mild-weight soaked up completely by huge openings and roofing skylight windows.

irregular-shape modern house architecture design
trespa bricks cladding irregular modern house architecture
rear house landscape geometrical house architecture
subtle indentations building roof facade house design
wood deck backyard terrace family house idea

The shell of this modern house architecture is in precast concrete floor. Precast concrete wrapped by artistic hard bricks. The roof is flat tiles. Bricks and roof earth tone color contrast with high gloss Trespa panels for access and whiteness interior design.

Modern Barn Alike House Architecture Design

modern barn-like house concaves cutting geometrical architecture

At a glance, this current barn-like home just loves normal residence architecture. But, appear it closer, the long-part of this cutting-edge barn-like house has concaves, take action as out of doors terraces.

House y2 Architecture Design


Sometimes architects are prompted by genetics and biological mechanisms when you are looking at making structures as livable organisms. House y2 follows a curious concept: a twin is an example of two offspring developed in similar being pregnant. Twins can as well be identical or fraternal. Let’s look at this magnificent metaphor pertaining to a singular house located in Linz, Austria.

Two slim volumes endure atop a slope overlooking the valley from the Danube, neatly fitting against a plot of 21 meters width. However, they comprise only 1 body, each on the although showing up to become mimicking a simple another – just a open, similar closed.

L23 House Design by Pitagoras Arquitectos

Posted by Dave on December 11th, 2012 Pitagoras Arquitectos made the L23 House in Guimaraes, Portugal.

House HB Rural and Urban Design Ideas


In a normal Slovenian suburban context there’s a house that quietly erupts within the really best with the compact hill… A specific internet site exactly where non-metropolitan and urban peacefully coexist, proving still repeatedly the electrical power of architecture and style and design. House HB is developed on the hilltop during the countryside near to Ljubljana.

A household atmosphere is cleverly multiply within a very two adventure creating…Yes! Beneath an apparent sole pitched roofing quantity lays a undetectable ground… A very ingenious option that testifies the discrete relation established involving aspect and architecture, don´t you reach a decision?