Bloom Lamp Design by Constantin Bolimond

Bloom Lamp 1

Closed up into a tight bud by day, ‘Bloom’ opens at evening to reveal the light hidden within. The lamp concept by Moscow-based designer Constantin Bolimond is inspired by the way flowers begin to bloom when the sun is shining, but with the opposite impact.

Drift Light LED

The Drift Light LED Recreates a Sunset For Better Sleep in technology Category

Considering that the advent of the age of electrical power we’ve thought of light as one thing just always there, an illuminating companion at our beckon get in touch with once the sun sets. But modern day instances produce their personal modern difficulties, and it has come to the interest of researchers obtaining lights in our face all of the time – from our home lights, street lamps, computer screens, smartphones, televisions, and the array of modest lights dotting nearly each and every appliance – may not be a wholesome habit.

Present Day Kitchen Light Fixtures With Chic Type

Modern Kitchen Light Fixtures

Your spacious, sleek kitchen will by no means be comprehensive without the appropriate sort of lighting. Whether it is a piece hanging more than the sink or some chic spotlights illuminating the complete space, it is essential that you add some present day light fixtures into your modern room. Let’s take a appear at some true-existence concepts and collect some inspiration as you remodel, re-do or just redecorate your kitchen!

Are not they stunning? These hanging, illuminating balls are the perfect, artistic compliment to this homey, but contemporary space. We are loving how it not only provides excellent light to the countertops but also acts as a focal art piece for the kitchen.

New Lighting Decoration by Castor

New Lighting and Decor from Castor in home furnishings Category

It is always a deal with to see what’s new with Castor. The Canadian style studio usually hits it out of the park and their new assortment is no exception. I stopped by Intro NY for the duration of NYCxDesign to check it out.

Their Black Metal Assortment is inspired by the line from Spinal Tap in which Nigel Tufnel says “how significantly a lot more black could this be? None much more black.” Despite the fact that he was commenting on their new black record cover, he was plainly generating a statement about design in standard – black is absolute.

Hood Modular Pendant Lighting Design


The Hood Modular Pendant is as well cool. And I’m not even sure if pendant is an exact description, nor is chandelier or light. The Hood is one thing like an interactive light expertise.

Developed by Stockholm-based mostly studio Form Us With Love, the Hood is a entirely-customizable lighting fixture that is primarily based on the modular units you can add and take away as you want. The units clip into every single other and can broaden to create a broad lighting technique that stretches in excess of a whole dining room table, or you can build a much more intimate light for a single particular person.