Livingston Cabinet

Livingston Cabinet Design by Loft & Foundry

Livingston Cabinet by Loft &amp Foundry

Contrived and made by Loft &amp Foundry, the Livingston Cabinet makes an outstanding selection for modern residence storage answers. The exclusive storage cabinet has an ingenious design produced from an progressive line of considered.

It kinds an exceptionally terrific accent for various house settings. Loft & Foundry is a lot-admired for placing with each other extraordinary vintage fashion pieces for contemporary residing. The Livingston Cabinet is one of its greatest styles.

Livingston Cabinet by Loft &amp Foundry

The Livingston Cabinet, a traditional instance of industrial-inspired designs, is crafted out of reclaimed pinewood. Its framework is produced of a powder-coated iron frame that offers exceptional power, sturdiness, and stability. The iron frame is propped up on 4 wheels rising usability, maneuverability, and flexibility.