Classical Operates Uncovered in Slices of Glass

Loren Stump Sliced Glass Art 1

This loaf of colored glass may not look like significantly from the outdoors, but slice into it and you will discover an extraordinary recreation of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Virgin on the Rocks.

Self-taught glass master Loren Stump has adapted a four,000-year-outdated Middle Eastern method to generate in depth photos that are only witnessed when the glass ‘cane’ is reduce into cross-sections.

Loren Stump Sliced Glass Art 3

Murrine may possibly be centuries previous, but generally consists of abstract or floral patterns, which are considerably easier to create. Stump generates his intricate photographs by layering hundreds of tiny glass rods in numerous colors and thicknesses, resulting in a ‘loaf’ that can promote for $ 5,000 per slice.