Nestore Chair

Nestore Chair Design by Simone Michelotto

Nestore Chair by Simone Michelotto

A number of days ago, we talked about some groovy cat furniture objects tailored to your furry buddy. And this time about, we would like to introduce you to yet yet another nifty feline-pleasant style in the kind of the Nestore chair. Developed by Simone Michelotto, the uniquely Italian furniture system fulfills the adorable quotient with its very own practical flair.

We can rather significantly gauge the versatility of the furnishings layout from its multi-functional setup. To that end, the entire assembly comprises of an armchair, a side table and a flanking and rear compartment (for retaining books and smaller sized objects). Nevertheless, the piece de resistance of the installation would undoubtedly be the somewhat perched kennel/den with two entry factors for your pet.