Sculptures Created of Wire and Cable Ties

Cable Tie Sculptures 1

All it took to develop this series of sculptures – aside from ingenuity and artistic talent, of program – was a journey to the hardware store for some electrical wire and cable ties. Artist Pavel Sinev coils black and white wires into operates of artwork that assortment from the straightforward to the somewhat surreal, like a vaguely disturbing little one with a bottle in its mouth.

Cable Tie Sculptures 5

Calbe Tie Sculptures 3

Cable Tie Sculptures 2

Cable Tie Sculptures 4

The wiring is cautiously wound into three-dimensional shape and held together with the zip ties, the types ultimately reflecting the unconventional approaches in which frequent household supplies can be utilized with a minor creativity.

Flexible Paper Sculptures Bend Decoration Ideas

girl ii documents accordion-like sculpture

At earliest glance, these sculptures appear just as fragile porcelain or ceramic – but they disguise a amazing solution. Beijing artist Li Hongbo‘s sculptures are actually created from 1000s of layers of basic light paper, glued with each other into heavy accordion-like patterns that only appear 100 % sturdy once there’re nonetheless.

Ballerina Sculptures Design by Regardt van der Meulen


Johannesburg-based artist Regardt lorrie der Meulen has developed the Ballerina sculptures. “The person’s entire body with its power and fragility lie heading towards core of this line of works, when exposing the illusion of security in modern day society.”

Ceramic Sculptures Design Ideas by Harumi Nakashima

Ceramic sculptures through the Japanese designer Harumi Nakashima are recently on present at Galerie NeC in Hong Kong.

Artistic Animal Sculptures by Sayaka Ganz

A new thoughts in developing an artistic pet dog sculptures happen to be released by Sayaka Ganz, She has introduce everything with his new inspiring artworks which was produced from utilised and dumped cosmetic spend supplies and reclaimed home items like a medium for her animal types sculptures..