Side Table

Side Table Furniture for your Modern Living Space

lucite two-tier table

Side tables can be utilized for a multitude of decorative purposes.  They can be positioned at both end of a sofa or Television console.  They can be utilized by themselves as a special piece or symmetrical in pairs.  They can be functional for setting down drinks or residing room items such as remotes or telephones, or purely aesthetic for incorporating decor factors this kind of as fresh flowers or books.  Present day side tables go past four legs and a tabletop.

Stylish Side Table Patterns

solid wood lacquered bedside table1 13 Trendy Side Table Patterns

Stylish Bedside Table.

Rami Stool and Side Table Furniture Design by IL HOON ROH


Design Studio IL HOON ROH have developed the Rami Stool and Side Table. “Rami” that means “tree branches” in Latin, derived from custom made’s architectural pattern research on “Non Directional Spatial Skeleton Structure” which was formulated coming back in 2004. The research was on designer’s fascination to the rigidity and lightness of bird skull.

The grow for Rami incorporated this structural conveniences – theory that happen to get now tried using and trained through your evolutionary process, a brand new from a really pattern which is lightweight, structurally optimized, incredibly efficient and strictly follows the “manner follows function”.