Rami Stool and Side Table Furniture Design by IL HOON ROH


Design Studio IL HOON ROH have developed the Rami Stool and Side Table. “Rami” that means “tree branches” in Latin, derived from custom made’s architectural pattern research on “Non Directional Spatial Skeleton Structure” which was formulated coming back in 2004. The research was on designer’s fascination to the rigidity and lightness of bird skull.

The grow for Rami incorporated this structural conveniences – theory that happen to get now tried using and trained through your evolutionary process, a brand new from a really pattern which is lightweight, structurally optimized, incredibly efficient and strictly follows the “manner follows function”.

Wave Stool Design by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova


Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova have developed the Wave Stool for ‘Haymann editions’ 2013. The Wave stool is built out of hand-blown goblet that has a cork lower end and it is obtainable in silvered or basic coloured tumbler.

Multifunction Stool Furniture Design by misosoupdesign

multifunction stool furniture design idea

Looking for stool furniture on the house? This multifunction stool furniture from misosoupdesign possibly pleasant as portion of this interior, simple as seating device, but additionally has another purpose. Actually, this multifunction stool furniture is made of two pieces that unified and when that two parts stacked, it will eventually develop into nicely safe-keeping.

With vent playwood material, this multifunction stool furniture has measurement 450 mm (H) x 350 mm (W) x 310 mm (D). So, is this modern stool ideal for the property? Become nice aspects of interior as seating furniture or safe-keeping?

creative modern stool furniture multifunction usages
stacked parts stool furniture as storage
how-to-take-apart stool furniture into storage device

Bronco Stool Furniture Design by Guillaume Delvigne for super-ette


As component to the 2013 Collection, Guillaume Delvigne has created the Bronco Stool for super-ette. Saddle or stool? With Bronco, I just like the concept that initially there’s speculation about which strategy to sit: in basic manner or astride?

With these two eye-catching screws, the moulded article of wooden that interfaces the chair and on the list of feet can even be considered a handle, lower returning support, hook… Through the fluidity of its form and its T-shaped structure, I tried using to provide it a robust, accessible and likeable id.



Eroded Stool Furniture by I M Lab


Alessandro Isola and Supriya Mankad of I M Lab have intended the Eroded Stools, created out of cork. The stools was designed for just a wine testing room during the north east of italy. starting with all the kind with the pure cube the chair is excavated from your prevent of cork.