The Candy Room Design Ideas


This is a project set forth to bring lots of smiles for sure! Melbourne based Candy Room is way beyond your regular experience of a candy shop, which speaks of the company’s anyway innovative idea, this of offering sugar free sweets, which are though sweet enough.

Sweet Enough is in fact the name of the importer who decided to set up a store in order to serve more than the need of customers to purchase something sweet while healthy at the same time. They wanted to encourage customers to spend as much time exploring their shop, as much as actually shopping. They wished to create an experience for the clients that they wouldn’t forget.

What better than a space which brings up the inner child of people? They assigned the project to the Red Design Group, an Australian company that creates creative and exciting spaces for retail business.


They came up with the brilliant idea to create a “room” using child like illustrations. Do you remember the coloring books you used to have as a little one, where you put your own colors in between the simple black lines? Imagine this blown out and in three dimensional version and there you go!

You are standing in the Candy store, an actual, tangible coloring book, where there is not much need to color the pages, as the products themselves are adding all the colorful tone needed to liven it up!

A great concept, filled with equally great products, having a sweet enough taste, despite the absence of sugar. Already written down in my list of to do’s when visiting Melbourne!




By Iro – Ivy Nassopoulos

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