The Evolution 491 Armchair Furniture Design by Loewenstein

Evolution 491 by Loewenstein

A breathtaking creation by renowned manufacturer Loewenstein, the Evolution 491 Armchair has earned some envious glances from furniture critiques. It is a beautiful piece that comes with an open storage shelf.

A total practical unit in itself, the Evolution 491 Armchair by Loewenstein comes with front casters, metal legs in the rear, and a back take care of. Its dimensions stand at 28” width X 29” depth X 33” height, 18.5” seat height and 26” armrest height.

The dimensions along with the plush seat, relaxing backrest and suitably positioned armrests produce elegant proportions and provide unparalleled comfort. The armchair layout has room for variation with the alternative of shelving offered in a black laminate or maple veneer. An further tablet mount tube can be opted for with the tablet arm fitted on a removable pivot.

The tablet itself is three/4” thick and is offered in black laminate with PVC edge or eleven-ply maple veneer in a normal finish. Additional cup holders can be presented if favored. The armchair comes in two upholstered variations: that of a lighter grey and a darker one particular with elegantly welted edges. The welt is offered in a matching hue or a contrasting one.

Evolution 491 by Loewenstein

The Evolution 491 Armchair is a mobile ensemble, somewhat reminiscent of plush executive airline seats. It provides great user comfort with its well thought layout and creates enough area for your indispensable paraphernalia. The armchair will show to be much more of a companion than an ensemble.

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