The Excelsa Kitchen Design by L’Ottocento

Excelsa by L&#x2019Ottocento

Established in Cittadella, Padua in the 1990s, LOttocento fabricates the most exquisite handmade kitchensshowcasing classic and timeless designs. Excelsa is a stunning example of its function.

It is guided by the passion for crafting marvels out of wood and is striking in every way. It completely combines the 3 most typical resources in kitchens: glass, wood, and stainless steel.

Excelsa by L&#x2019Ottocento

The Excelsa Kitchen by LOttocento has been place together soon after a in depth review of every practical, constructional and ergonomic detail of kitchen design and style. The end merchandise is simply breathtaking. The kitchen makes use of white and black wood shades along with clear glass panes to develop opulent aesthetics. It gives mixed storage in kind of open wooden and glass shelves and shuttered compartments.

The shutters are produced of glass for added effect and come in two versions: standard and slides. They break the monotony and include a tiny variation which lends curiosity to the composition. Each component of the kitchen perfectly complements the other to improve the brilliant aesthetics.

Excelsa has been created with the contemporary consumer in mind and developed with the most recent manufacturing processes. The processes enhance its functional aspect and produce a extremely refined finish.

Excelsa by L&#x2019Ottocento

Displaying excellent magnificence, Excelsa exalts the valuable characteristics of organic wood and augments it to exhibit sumptuous opulence, the kind that leaves a mark of grandeur. It appears best in stately properties as effectively as easy ones. The elegance of its design is that you can use it even so you want.

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