The Residing Kitchen Design by L’Ottocento

Living Kitchen by L&#x2019Ottocento

L’Ottocento has come a lengthy way since it was first established in the early 1990s. The company has produced a identify for itself in the globe of international design and lives up to its expected common of delivering inimitable creations with each new venture. Residing is its latest masterpiece. The kitchen spells excellence loud and clear and has wonderful features every single house owner will enjoy.

Living Kitchen by L&#x2019Ottocento

The Residing Kitchen by L’Ottocento comes in a sophisticated off-white shade that generates a stunning contrast with the warm raw wood finish and the cold stainless steel hardware and accessories. It exhibits really tasteful, stylish aesthetics. The unit comprises a framework of 19mm thick blockboard wood finished in strong wood on the outdoors.

It has solid wood fronted pull out drawers with a buttery smooth sliding mechanism enabled by visually hidden, self-lubricating, total pull-out runners. Enhancing the cabinets are the inner parts which are crafted in sound ash and assembled making use of interlocking dovetail joints.

The doors and external elements are sculpted out of solid wood and emphasize the solidity of the framework. With the use of cutting edge technological innovation, ingenious technical answers and splendid craftsmanship, the Living Kitchenguarantees the best aesthetic attributes along with greatest performance, efficient ergonomics and good use of available area.

Living Kitchen by L&#x2019Ottocento

The Residing Kitchen by L’Ottocento is a have to-have for every single residence. It boasts a design that is way ahead of modern day trends. It is exquisitely lovely and will make you the envy of many.

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