The Spa Series by Ceragres

The Spa line exclusively at Ceragres

A new mosaic is moving into the scene 1 of the wide variety of remedies provided at Ceragres. The SPA cycle shines as a consequence of its beauty, durability, hand-crafted production, refined palette of colours, and aesthetic range. Cutting-edge and by using a excellent quality, this course is usually used to each internal and exterior partitions. “The SPA fixed is often a should for your cooking area or shower appointments…

This item lets various avenues of useful decoration for being explored, for instance making a backsplash for your kitchen or bath, a focal wall, or perhaps a fireplace surround,” explains Karim Guirguis, Head of Development at Ceragres Tile Shop. “It meets in completely having a basic style program though including a effect of elegance to some a lot a lot more modern ambiance. One element is certain: by integrating this mosaic into your room, you can bring together equally character and versatility at once!”

The Spa series exclusively at Ceragres

Ceragres gives 6 collections of panes mosaic, (Agate, Gendai, Marbleized, Monochromatic and Tozen) and one which has a clay bottom (Momen) used on the SPA series. The Agate series is provided in several shades, two finishes (pearl and silk) and from the Martini data format.

This magnifying glaas mosaic could be the results of an original process which combines crystal clear and opaque tumbler. Its vivid and sparkly shade palette enables for just a harmonious and understated home furnishings and combines effectively with both stone and porcelain. The Agate beautifully displays the ornate embellishment craze and that is set to turn into even greater in 2013.

The Gendai group is accessible in several colors and two finishes, (natural and silk.) Each coloration is termed after a renowned architect to mouse around the direct ranges and geographic models which establish the Gendai. By mixing a glass tiles from Marbleized and Tozen, Gendai will give you an fantastic combined shapes and finishes conceived to brighten your inside and put a hint of finesse.

Offered in 5 colors, two finishes (pearl and silk) as good as within the Wings Straight format, the Marbleized gives a feel of whimsy to all your decor. Thanks to its shimmery and sparkly effect, this group will accentuate your space plus the luminosity of this internal.

The Spa series exclusively at Ceragres

For more than twenty years, Ceragres has imported and distributed ceramic tile, porcelain tile, slate, stone, quartz, mosaics, together with cut-to-size stone slabs for countertops in Quebec. Recently recognized in Ontario, we deliver specialized and tailored techie items and services to consumers, architects, developers and operate authorities.

Ceragres products are presented at our 6 Boutique Workspaces in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Toronto and therefore may also be distributed mainly because of our circle of over two hundred fifity suppliers over Quebec, Ontario as well as the Maritimes, a lot more than sixty of which can be Ceragres Tile Shop spouses. Our diversified item featuring now includes: solutions for cut-to-size products, special share techniques and ventilated cladding jobs.

Producer: Ceragres

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