Tinos Island House Design by Kois Linked Architects

Rooftop Infinity Pool 1

Is there water on that rooftop, or is it just a mirage? It’s challenging to inform right up until you technique this hidden home, nestled into the hills of Tinos Island in Greece’s Cyclades archipelago.

Athens-based mostly Kois Linked Architects designed an infinity pool on the flat, cantilevered rooftop of the appropriately named ‘Mirage House’ that looks to blend into the adjacent Aegean Sea.

Rooftop Infinity Pool 3

From ground level, that sparkling water is the only element of the house that’s visible to onlookers, and it is difficult to inform in which it ends and the sea begins. Kois Linked Architects envisioned the house as “an invisible oasis” with all of the interior spaces tucked into the rocks to generate a cavernous really feel.

Rooftop Infinity Pool 4

To grant their clients’ wish for a home that was virtually undetectable and as personal as feasible, the firm determined to mimic elements of the landscape. The visible parts of the property fronting the sea are created of dry stone, echoing both the normal rocks of the cliffs and the vernacular architecture and infrastructure of the island.

Rooftop Infinity Pool 2

The single-level structure functions rammed earth walls in the rear of the home. This ancient constructing strategy generates walls that are robust, sturdy and noncombustible, naturally balancing the temperature and humidity ranges with their thermal mass and breathability.

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