Torque Desk Furniture Design by M Lab


London-based Alessandro Isola & Supriya Mankad from I M Lab have designed the Torque Desk. A twisting undertake the traditionally formal product. In this occasion the desk can be changed right into a energetic spatial item in tension though using the in the upright position walls from the space it occupies.

The tensile stresses call for the desk to become constructed from a malleable and ductile material. Bringing together clever engineering and hand craftsmanship, all with the elements in the metal body are structural together with useful.


The smooth plane of the desk is folded to support themselves at just one end while apparently resting using a stack of drawers heading towards other end. The rotating drawers are cantilevered round the spine which performs several functions of the support, a pivot plus a cable television management system connecting a floor stage each of the correct way up towards the desk surface. An malachite letter and pen holder completes the develop.


Designers: I M Lab | Alessandro Isola & Supriya Mankad

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