Tropical Condominium Design Ideas

condominio baleia0 architecture

A excellent handkerchief yard to a environmentally friendly roofing frames the seaside. Perfection, appropriate?

condominio baleia architecture

But I’ll guess you’ve by no suggests noticed a “environment friendly roofing” so brazenly said! Underneath it, there’s practically nothing but air conditioning. No pretense in the earth-connected dwelling. Very witty.

condominio baleia3 architecture
Instead, a wide amenable cube of the urbane existing area soars up within the green roof.

condominio baleia4 architecture

Studio Arthur Casas’ Condominiums Baleia in Sao Paulo marry originality to condo style.

condominio baleia2 architecture

The condominiums ignore the marine on Brazil’s gorgeous seaside coast.

condominio baleia5 architecture

It’s in essence a massive dwelling space cube fullness of amenable air, offset by the small space upstairs.

condominio baleia6 architecture

Looking with the having lived place, regarding a courtyard, is often a glimpse in the house and eating area.

condominio baleia8 architecture

In a normal move because of this architect, the proportion on the located space is often a soaring cube size.

condominio baleia10 architecture

This gigantic height appropriates a massive slice of sky, maximising the impact of your beach search. But realize how an ceiling is lowered with a normal height for the quit.

condominio baleia9 architecture

In the lowered part on the residing room underneath the bed room, an intimate fireplace can make for the calming environment.

condominio baleia11 architecture

There is surely an unresolved mystery in such a architecture.

Looking returning closer to the eating room courtyard, detect these about three tremendous expanses of windows:

condominio baleia12 architecture

Now shopping the opposite way at that side, people enormous windows are long gone. Such big windows could not can be found slid to just one side, surely?

condominio baleia13 architecture

It is legitimate that this confident and useful style speaks of the firm’s extensive industrial encounter. Perhaps there is certainly a mechanised means to sliding twenty-foot large windows.

condominio baleia14 architecture

Up the effectively created stairs, a bedroom also overlooks the amazing access.

condominio baleia15 architecture

Each condominium has anything you dependence on that ideal vacation.

condominio baleia7 architecture

Repeated on down the series. When a design operates so well, why not taking the initiative about and around once more?

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