U-Shaped Bungalow Design by Dumican Mosey and Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

225 architectureThis reduced-slung U-shaped bungalow from Dumican Mosey and Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders is wrapped around a terrace and pool epitomizing the ultimate southern California life style.

156 architecture

Massive glazed walls open up totally to the sheltered outside patio location.

916 architecture

From this vantage-stage, a morning swim in the clear California sunshine looks like a bright and fresh start to the day.

Solar panels on the roof enhance the suns warmth to offer heating for the pool.

518 architecture

Set on their very own dark Honduran mahogany wooden platform, a pair of purple chaise longues complete the Hollywood vibe.

321 architecture

3 wooden stairs in the same Honduran mahogany lead to an outside seating set against siding to match.

719 architecture

By evening, lantern-like lighting from inside the home produces an inviting ambience.

1017 architecture
For a barefoot lifestyle, great integral color concrete floors make for easy-peasy care indoors and out.
1120 architecture
Sunshine spills out above the best of a garden-pleasant bathroom.
421 architecture

Altogether, a straightforward California property that celebrates the straightforward pleasures of sunning and swimming.

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