University Descartes Design by A/ZC – Atelier Zundel & Cristea

A/ZC – Atelier Zündel & Cristea | University Descartes

The physical position with all both buildings, manufactured during the center with the urban islet, and resting atop the college parking lots, confronted us which includes a complex work out in conceiving and planning our operation. Vertically, a cut within the height in the amphitheaters would contribute to an upgraded belief of the whole.

A/ZC – Atelier Zündel & Cristea | University Descartes

A/ZC – Atelier Zündel & Cristea | University Descartes

Within this unique venture, the constructed volume is as important because residual emptiness that can be generated around it. The apparent demarcation in the perimeter within our project addresses the situation from the site’s difficulty in being read and perceived. We chose to propose a smooth and serene architecture with the purpose of enhancing the high quality of the entire.

Location: Paris, France Architect: A/ZC – Atelier Zundel & Cristea Credits: A/ZC – Atelier Zundel & Cristea Status: in design Client: Paris Descartes University Team: AZC – Choulet – Forgue – Batiserf Cost/Size: 2,8 MC / 906 m2 Program: Two 200 chair university lecture halls

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