Urban X-Stitch Fences Design Ideas

urban stitch skull tag

Whether you want to say it a new artwork type or a basically a hipster hobby, an artist France is pushing street-side string art in amusing new instructions.

urban cross stitch detail

urban stitch shipping yard

Not fairly your grandmother-in-rocking-chair approach, Urban X-Stitch generates colorfully cross-stitched pieces along the lines of yarn bombing and knitted graffiti.

urban x stitch art

urban ducks in row

urban stitch ducks fenc

So far, these topics are largely tame – bright logos and cute animals mixed in with only a handful of things that appear a lot more like spray-painted tags, but the potential is there for anything much more.

urban rainbow process pic

urban cross fish rainbow

urban owl give hoot

urban cat closeup fencing

Another neat possible direction in which to get this: pattern sharing in between artists and spots, the exact same way cross-stitching in its conventional setting can adhere to guides and patterns.

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